Nourish your soul

We believe that sitting down to share a meal with friends and family is the most beautiful way to connect and nourish the mind and soul.
Food breaks down barriers and brings people together, and that’s why we have created the most delicious, fragrant dishes with the finest, natural ingredients for you to enjoy with your loved ones.
Our modern menu of traditional and regional dishes takes inspiration from all over India; from the eclectic streets of Delhi and home-cooked family meals to the roadside cafes of Punjab.
Passion and love is at the heart of everything we do and we strive to bring you the freshest, most authentic Indian dishes to ignite the senses.

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With his love of fresh ingredients and complex flavours, it’s no surprise that Jeevan nurtured his passion to eventually become Bhageecha’s head chef.
He started his story in Abu Dhabi as a trainee chef, where his natural culinary talent meant he was in high demand in many of the city’s five star hotels.
Keen to get back to his roots and better understand Indian cuisine, he returned to his homeland and went on a culinary tour of India, which inspired him to develop and create the delicious dishes you will enjoy from our kitchen.
Jeevan’s philosophy is simple – use only the freshest, high quality ingredients and fragrant flavours to bring an authentic taste of India to the plate.