Shared passion

For owners Mishal and Sundeep, food has always been a way to bring families, friends and communities together, a way to celebrate life and share stories.
Mishal vividly remembers fragrant aromas and laughter filling the air at garden parties as her father cooked in huge pots over a coal stove. It was here that her passion for food began, inspired by her father’s experimental and creative dishes.
For Sundeep, it’s the childhood trips back to India and memories of eating fresh dhal and fluffy rotis at roadside cafes in Punjab that he savours most. The atmosphere, the aromas and the flavours all evoke a delightful sense of coming home.
And it is his innate understanding of the link between food and celebration that helped Sundeep build a successful banqueting business in the heart of North West London.
It’s this passion, this emotional connection and joy for eating that the couple now bring to Bhageecha.


distinctive floral look and feel

The restaurant is split into two beautiful rooms: Bloom and Palm, both offering a very distinctive floral look and feel. The Passiflora bar specialises in showcasing the finest ingredients and flavour combinations, offering a modern Indian twist on much-loved classic cocktails.
Bhageecha is a place where everyone is welcome, where nature and nurture combine to create a feast for the senses.

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